Go Smarter with BetterPoints

28 gennaio 2017

We want to help you stay active and healthy this winter. To support you with making active travel journeys to work or for leisure, we've teamed up with BetterPoints: a reward programme and smartphone app.

You earn BetterPoints by logging the journeys you make using our FREE app, or letting the app automatically track the trips that you make. BetterPoints can be earned for walking, cycling, and running.

You can then redeem your Betterpoints for high street rewards or vouchers for independent shops, or even donate these points to one of our local nominated charities.

All active journeys count, not just your commute - so the more you walk and cycle, the more points you will clock up!

Want to get started?

Just click on one of the links below to download our App.

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Read our tips on getting started and other frequently asked questions.

Don't forget to visit the Go Smarter website for travel planning, maps, and other great resources.