Hounslow Fusion test

Thank you for helping to test the link between BetterPoints and Fusion Leisure Centres. Please follow the instructions below:

1. On the website (not the app), log into your BetterPoints account, and go to My Account then Add Promo Code.

2. Enter the promo code fusion into the box and press Save.

3. Click the new option under My Account called Link to Fusion. Enter your Fusion Membership card and Pin. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the link between the two accounts.

4. Please email customercare@betterpoints.uk with any feedback on how straightforward this process was. 

5. It would then be really helpful if you were to visit a Fusion Leisure Centre so that we can see the data that comes through from the link between the accounts, and you'll receive BetterPoints from your visits. 

Once we get some data through, we can start offering BetterPoints for leisure centre visits!