User Stories

Anne Lancaster - 09 giugno 2015

We have lovely, wonderful users of our app who use it to motivate themselves to help change their everyday choices, as well as give us useful feedback on how to improve the app for everyone. Here are some comments from some of them...

"This app is amazing and I have lost so much weight because of this app :)" (Reading)

"Better points is really good incentive to get active & also makes you more aware of green issues & helping to reduce carbon footprint - even my small bit helps!" (Reading)

"Love the app in general, it's definitely gotten better since I initially started using it about a year ago and has motivated be to walk rather than take the bus, or take the bus rather than the car (depending on the journey and event)" (Reading)

"I've been using better points for a few months now and already have over 11,000 points. It's such a great scheme, as I can earn points simply by doing the things I already do: walking, running and traveling by train. If ever I need an added incentive to stay active and get myself out the door, better points provides me with that! Give it a go, you've got nothing to lose!" Lisa, Birmingham

"Anyone with a passing interest in behaviour change knows that making any kind of lasting change is hard and my aim to be fitter since becoming a mum has been no exception. Like most working parents of small children I don't have much spare time. Add to that the pressures of studying part-time for a degree and exercising can often be the first thing to give in my hectic schedule. Knowing that the sooner I've finished a run or a walk the quicker I'll have accumulated enough points for another voucher is often enough to get me out of the house when I'm struggling to stay motivated. It's definitely helped me to be more active and I feel so much better on it." Jenny, Birmingham

“The BetterPoints app does encourage me to keep doing the Couch to 5k. The progress in the app is rewarding, but the points, of which I've collected nearly £10 helps a lot! I also like the fact it tells you how far you have walked, which is great incentive to stay active when not running too.”  User, Birmingham

"Anyone can use the app, it’s easy. Getting out there is the hard part...especially in bad weather. But once you're outside, going at your own pace, it changes everything." Kate, Birmingham