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SalGO Assist

We are a group of volunteers, with a passion to serve the poor and disadvantaged of the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh (A.P.). What we do. We raise funds for an Indian charity, Salem Gospel Outreach in Education & Rural Care Organisation (SalGOERCO). As our name suggests, we assist SalGO in India by sending money and by raising awareness in the U.K. of the material and spiritual needs in the towns and villages where SalGOERCO operates. How we do it.? We encourage sponsorship of widows, and of orphans and other “at risk” children. With the help of sponsors and other volunteers we organise fundraising events throughout the year. We produce a newsletter. We like to be invited to speak at meetings and show videos of the work, which also includes one-off projects, such as land purchase, water supply and sanitation. Where is the money spent? Mostly in Bapatla, a coastal town in Guntur District, and the many surrounding villages (total population over 200,000) but projects 100km or more west and north operate successfully. The only costs incurred in the UK are bank charges on our quarterly money transfers, occasional printing, and necessary insurance.